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I Cosmic Consciousness has nothing to do with the tenets or doctrines of organized religion, but everything to do with spirituality, a non-material reality experienced only by taking an inner path to discover your true reality and being.

I Cosmic Consciousness is best described via quantum physics as the “off” part of a vibrational discontinuity, cosmic energy switching continuously from “on” to “off.” In the “on” state there exists energy, information and objects. In the “off” state, there exist infinite possibilities or “potentia.”

I Cosmic Consciousness has five startling characteristic which quantum physicists have labeled: Infinite Possibilities, Non-local Correlation, Uncertainty, Quantum Creativity, and The Observer Effect.

I Personal Consciousness or soul, or spirit – call it what you will – is a field of infinite possibilities; your soul is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent; your soul embraces uncertainty; your soul is a source of infinite creativity; and your soul, in concert with Cosmic Consciousness, co-creates your universe.


The current series of articles on Cosmic Consciousness has nothing to do with organized religion, but everything to do with spirituality. By spirituality I mean a non-material reality which can be experienced only by taking an inner path that can enable you to discover your true reality and being and your connectedness to everything in the cosmos. So, when you see the words “spirit” or “soul” the intent here is to describe a personal non-material entity, namely Personal Consciousness, which is infinite and therefore cannot be contained within the confines of the human body. It has no beginning or ending in time and therefore is independent of both space and time.

The combined existence of all Personal Consciousness throughout the cosmos, co-creates Cosmic Consciousness, which also is infinite in space and time. This infinite existence of Personal Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness is why all things are connected. As you will see in later parts of this series, when you understand how to intimately access this connectedness, you can manifest significant spiritual and material abundance into your life.

Some may choose to equate Cosmic Consciousness with “God,” which is fine, however, it should not be confused with the supreme male entity espoused and described by most organized religions. The character of Cosmic Consciousness can be described but not defined, for if we were to be able to define it, we would limit it, and in fact it is without limits. RECONNECTION

Let’s recapitulate a few key conclusions that follow from our discussions in Parts I and II of this series1, 2.

We have established that the world is not as we perceive it with our five senses. This follows from Cosmic Cosmology, and is supported by the fundamental laws of quantum physics, the most successful scientific theory – ever. Quantum physics is responsible for more than 30% of our global GDP – every device or product using electronic, optical or nuclear technologies – and in more than 100 years, it has never made an incorrect prediction3.

Figure 1: Cosmic Cosmology maintains that the consciousness that gives rise to your thoughts is also responsible for all of the intelligent activity of the universe

Cosmic Cosmology maintains that the consciousness that gives rise to your thoughts is also responsible for all of the intelligent activity of the universe (Figure 1). There is no such thing as an accident. Therefore, if you want to understand True Reality, you must do so through the “eyes” of your Personal Consciousness, and not through the perception of your five senses.


As we saw in Part 2 of this series, quantum physicists will tell you that even though the world appears as pictures, sounds, tastes, fragrances and textures, it’s really not like that. The best scientific description is that reality is a “discontinuity,” a summation of vibrating energetic signals, continuously and instantly switching from “on” to “off” and back again. In the “on” part of the signal, scientists know that there exist energy and information, basically everything we perceive with our five senses. The mystery is not with the “on” part of the signal, but what is in the “off” part of the signal? In the “off” part of the signal there is no energy, no information and no objects. The only thing that exists “there” is infinite possibilities, what quantum physicists refer to as “potentia” (Figure 2).

Figure 2: The “Off” part of the discontinuity is Cosmic Consciousness and it gives us access to infinite possibilities. Some might equate it to the concept of God

As disturbing as it may be to scientists who study this aspect of quantum physics, most would agree that the “off” part of the discontinuity has the following five profound characteristics.

1. Infinite Possibilities – The “off” part of the dis-

continuity with its infinite possibilities is sometimes referred to as the “womb of creation.” Everything – you, me, the planets, galaxies, the entire universe – is birthed from this field of infinite possibilities. Each of these possibilities can, in theory and sometimes in practice, be mathematically described by the famous Schrödinger Equation. In the end, everything is possible, and everything comes from nothing.

2. Non-local Correlation – The second aspect of the “off” part of the discontinuity is Non-local Correlation. This means that everything in the universe is synchronized, correlated, in harmony and coincidental with everything else. This interaction is instantaneous, i.e., faster than the speed of light, even over billions of light years and even though there appears to be no apparent force field between objects. Albert Einstein called this “spooky action at a distance.” It bothered him incessantly and he spent most of his life – unsuccessfully – trying to disprove it.

Non-local correlation has been experimentally demonstrated for numerous systems from small subatomic particles up through atoms and large molecules, and is currently being studied in living systems. All that is required for non-locality is that two entities be connected at some point in time. Since everything in the universe was initially and intimately contained within an unimaginably small singularity just before it cosmically expanded as the “Big Bang” to form our universe, everything is therefore connected and expresses non-local behavior and synchronicity. Physicists call this connectivity, entanglement (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Because all energy-mass was intimately intact as a singularity before the “Big Bang,” everything in the universe is Connected and synchronized. Physicists call this entanglement.

An important example is the functioning of a healthy human body, in which synchronization is constantly expressed. Your body is made up of some 100 trillion cells, a number greater than all of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Each cell is less than 1 micron in diameter and contains instructions within each strand of DNA in its nucleus that would fill one thousand 600-page books. Each cell performs 100,000 activities per second, and every cell constantly harmonizes with every other cell in your body. If it didn’t, you would be ill, or in the worst case, dead. This is why a healthy human body can think thoughts, play piano, kill germs, remove toxins, and make a baby all at the same time. Meta-physicists refer to this non-local correlation and synchronicity as omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.

3. Uncertainty – The third attribute of the “off” part of the discontinuity is a proliferation of uncertainty, where the laws of nature become uncertain. This is known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and was developed by Werner Heisenberg, one of the founding fathers of quantum physics. The very act of observation disturbs the system being observed in such a manner that it is impossible to ever determine a precise value or number. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine where or when a quantum event will occur. All we can do is calculate the probability of the event happening. This is in contrast to classical physics of large objects in everyday life, where we can measure things very precisely. The classical world is deterministic; given sufficient information we can calculate the future, not so in the quantum world, which is probabilistic.

4. Quantum Creativity – In the quantum world, patterns of intelligence, information and energy can move from one expression to another in a quantum leap. For example, when an electron jumps from one energy level to another, it does so by dematerializing between the two levels. So first it exists in one level and then moves to another without ever existing in between levels. This is not unlike the science fiction movie, Star Trek, where Captain Kirk says, “Beam me up Scotty,” and Scotty pushes a button and the Captain disappears from here, then shows up there, and never appears between! This is a form of non-analog creativity, which cannot be programmed in a computer.

5. Observer Effect – The fifth attribute of the “off” part

of the discontinuity, first described in detail by the world famous quantum physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, and is known as the Observer Effect, which states that the physically-observed universe would not exist if there were not conscious beings looking at it. Without observation, it would remain a vibration, a discontinuity switching “on” and “off” continuously. It requires a conscious being looking at the discontinuity to somehow mysteriously collapse the infinite number of possibilities to a single one with human-perceivable attributes of sound, taste, color, form, smell, i.e., what we call the physical universe. Wheeler noted that the cosmic constants of the universe such as the speed of light are so fine tuned that should they be just slightly smaller or larger, life and the universe as we know them could not exist.

We come now to the point where science and spirit truly merge into one. As mentioned above, when we speak of spirit or soul, we are referring to Personal or Cosmic Consciousness. Indeed, some physicists conclude that the “off” part of the discontinuity or vibration is Cosmic Consciousness itself. It’s the spirit, and your spirit or soul, i.e., your Personal Consciousness is part of Cosmic Consciousness. Your soul is not a thing. It’s a field of infinite possibilities. Your soul is the omnipresent (infinite in space, present everywhere), omniscient (has the power to know all), and omnipotent (capable of unlimited power) awareness that at this very moment is orchestrating with simultaneity the hundreds of trillions of things that are happening in your body as you read this sentence. Your soul embraces uncertainty even though your mind seeks to create certainty. Your soul says, “Let go, detach! There is nothing to worry about.” This uncertainty is the fertile ground of true creativity, which is infinite. With greater uncertainty, comes greater creativity, because if something is completely certain, creativity is non-existent.

Your soul co-creates the mystery that many call God the Unknown, the Infinite Being, i.e., Cosmic Consciousness, That which we cannot imagine, because if we could, we would limit It – that infinite, ineffable, eternal, transcendent, non-local Cosmic Consciousness that co-creates with your soul or Personal Consciousness, because your soul is an intimate part non-local Cosmic Consciousness.

In summary, your Personal Consciousness or soul, or spirit – call it what you will – is a field of infinite possibilities; your soul is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent; your soul embraces uncertainty; your soul is the source of infinite creativity; and your soul co-creates with the mystery that many call God. You have the potential and power to do much more than you could possibly imagine. Cosmic Consciousness is where we all start from and it is where we all yearn to return. As we shall see in future parts of this series, this interface of Personal Consciousness with what we perceive with our five senses to be physical reality, is best studied and understood with the tools of modern quantum physics.


A) EDITOR’S COMMENT – This is the third article in a series based on the author’s recent book, “Cosmic Consciousness – A Journey To Well-being, Happiness and Success.” In this little book, published in both the Czech and English languages within one volume, and with an introduction by internationally-acclaimed author, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Cusumano explains in simple terms, the connection between Eastern Philosophical Wisdom, consciousnessandquantumphysics. Hedevelopsspecificpractices for living a successful and fulfilled life, regardless of your passion of pursuit.
B) The author may be reached at Jim@ChateauMcely.Com.
1 James A. Cusumano, “Cosmic Consciousness – A Journey To Well-being, Happiness and Success – Part 1: Are You For Real?,” Prague Leaders Magazine, Volume 1, 2012, p. 78.
2 James A. Cusumano, “Cosmic Consciousness – A Journey To Well-being, Happiness and Success – Part 2: Where Do We Come From?,” Prague Leaders Magazine, Volume 2, 2012, p. 102.
3 James A. Cusumano, “Cosmic Consciousness – A Journey To Well-being, Happiness and Success,” Fortuna Libra, Prague, 2011. 

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    Infinite possibilities.. An exciting phrase! We’re in a new Age of Discovery – inner space. My only question about using quantum physics as the focus is the ‘moral’ one (I come more from an Arts than a Science background). Do we lose sight of conscience, good/bad, justice, Platonic type things by applying a scientific gloss to consciousness..? Just a question.
    I love the sound of your hotel!

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