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Ivan PilnyI found a lot on the internet, perhaps too much, the texts about who got upset by what, even worse than that…

I shall not comment on the fact that the majority of such information is written in Czech. I wouldn’t want to live the life of a person who systematically collects things, people and events that upset them, so that they’d have at least a thousand of them. During my singular visit of a given web site, there were 203. Others write about the ten things that anger them during sex, dealing with women or bosses… If they let themselves get that angry, they may as well not worry about the increased retirement age limit. The days spent in unnecessary exasperation, adrenalin overproduction, rushed blood to the head and beginnings of heart attacks, significantly decrease the likeliness they will actually be able to enjoy their retirement.

I understand I’m going against the stream here and the fact that those who enjoy something exist in this life will not provide me with even a tenth of the readers browsing and commenting on the mentioned sites and texts. I don’t really care. I enjoy singing off-key in the car whenever I’m in love. I enjoy looking forward to something or someone. I like good jokes and laughter. I collect smart quotations. I relish the sparks that occasionally jump between myself and the people I meet. I enjoy meeting people who have some goal and follow it. I savor good food and am fond of good wine.

I rejoice when I beat my neighbour in tennis, he plays it as woefully and enthusiastically as me. I like to look at pretty girls, particularly in the spring. I appreciate when my children manage to do something I didn’t expect. I acknowledge with thanks when my bank account balance shows that my wife did not use the credit card for a week already. I bask in my hopeless sweater, which has been out of fashion for a long time now.

I get shivers up my spine when I read an excellent book or sit in a theatre. At home, I am pleased looking at pictures I bought for me and my family to enjoy. I listen to country and folk music and don’t mind it being out of fashion. I hold back tears when I’m touched by something. The sparks I occasionally cause during my lectures make me feel good.

Yes, I too have days when someone is constantly asking me for money or to review some hopeless project. I get unhealthily upset at the post office and my adrenalin rises over the performance of a waiter in a restaurant when he totally ignores me. I too meet people on the roads who release their inferiority complexes there. Occasional collisions with idiots are also unavoidable. I rage over something I bought under the pressure of marketing and how it controls me instead of me controlling it. What I read in the papers bugs me.

Still, I string together the colorful beads of what I enjoy. Yes, perhaps there’s not the promised million of them, but I’m trying. I don’t know whether the time spent stringing them will extend the days of my life, but at least I’ll enjoy the current ones I live. I wave my hand over things that occasionally upset me. I simply live and enjoy myself. Try it with me. It certainly won’t worsen the mood and atmosphere in the Czech Basin and it will lift your spirits. Have a nice day :)

Excerpt from a new book to be published next year by Albatros.

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