BMW supports various cultural projects in the Czech Republic

| 07/10/2014

Culture moves people; a driving force that connects and inspires


The BMW also moves people. BMW offers customers independence through its products and moves people through the cultural activities the company supports. BMW believes the voices of those involved in art and culture are among those most important to society. These voices challenge us in BMW with new perspectives and through our long-term, sustainable support, we wish to continue enabling them to be heard.

BMW and IFF Karlovy Vary contract sign

BMW and IFF Karlovy Vary contract sign

BMW support of art and culture has a long tradition stretching over 40 years. We are convinced that those who strive to innovate and create cultural engagement are ingrained in our culture. Because of this, we attach a great deal of importance to the mutual development of long-term partnerships.

Internationally we are active in projects such as: BMW Guggenheim, Deutsches Museum Akademiegalerie and of course BMW plays an important role in film: Kino der Kunst, Munich, Germany; BMW Shorties Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Dubai Film Festival, Emirates. In one, a BMW has one of the leading roles, in another, BMW is the supporting partner.

In the Czech Republic we are already active in several cultural projects: the longest partnerships we have are with the Summer Shakespeare Festival and the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov.

BMW Group Česká republika at Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov 2013

BMW Group Česká republika at Mezinárodní hudební festival Český Krumlov 2013

As of this year, at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, BMW in Czech Republic became the Official car. Sixty BMW cars will be ready during the KVIFF for VIPs and accredited guests. The first ‘Born electric’ BMW car, the BMW i3, will be available there to drive through the city.

We, at BMW Group Czech Republic are honored to be the Official Car of KVIFF, as well as a partner of the International Music Festival in Český Krumlov and Shakespeare Festival. By this method, we support unique cultural projects that also correspond with our global BMW Group cultural activities.

Because, what would our world be, without its symphonies, works of art or architectural masterpieces?

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