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mind_mazeOn a quiet night in Prague just last week, a group of American students gingerly exited the metro and proceeded down an empty street towards a tall, abandoned building. In the darkness, there was no suggestion of what may be hidden behind the doors except for a small sign that stated: MindMaze – The Escape Game Adventure in Prague.

I was lucky enough to try my hand at the MindMaze first hand with a group of friends, and it is easily the most unique experience I’ve had here in Prague. Although I’ve spent a month seeing the sights and participating in all the usual tourist attractions, nothing has been more thrilling than Prague’s MindMaze.

Similar to some computer games where one must find their way out of a locked room by clicking on different objects, MindMaze will actually lock you in a room with your friends (up to 5 of you total) and give you 60 minutes to find a way out. I was placed in the Alchemist’s Chamber, MindMaze’s first room since they opened last year, and was told to find the philosopher’s stone that would allow the door outside to reopen.

Luckily, my friends and I were able to put our heads together and break out of the room in just under 45 minutes. The chaos that ensued in those 45 minutes, however, was unparalleled! We screamed, we argued, we debated, we turned the room upside down for clues – I almost wish I had donned a blue coat and hat so I could look just like Sherlock.

For just 1200 crowns a room, the MindMaze is a must-do in Prague. The staff speaks English and is incredibly friendly – mostly because they get to laugh at you as they watch you attempt to break out of the room through strategically placed cameras – and the challenge makes for a fun night without having to go clubbing.

Learn more at http://www.mindmaze.cz/


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